We believe the best healing happens in homes (read more below)

What if long term residential treatment was not the only answer?

What if an academic reboot was just a few weeks away?

What if mentoring was available through graduation? (read more below)

warriorwayrtc.comWe believe day programs, or community-stay is the solution.

We believe in long term team commitment. 

(read more below)

Stabilization, Academic Reboot, and Recovery 

Our programs are considered the “least restrictive environment”

Option 1

Life Defense Day Program

(referred, and supported by your therapist)

Option 2

Day Treatment Program

(students live at home/ therapy included)

Option 3

Residential Treatment Program

(24 hr community-living includes all of the above and weekend activities)

Note: Life Defense and Day programs offer transport to your door within 25 miles.

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We accept clients suffering from Emotional Disturbance, providing short-term, Community-Stay for students of all genders, in a non-institutional setting.