What are top universities doing to keep their students engaged and learning? Where are the top media personalities, athletes and scholars now studying…? The answer is online.

Warrior Way uses a fully transportable and transferrable online education program for simple and effective transition.

“One of the greatest challenges of residential treatment is recreating the environment and culture, system, of the treatment settings once clients return home. The new system, created by the treatment center and associated programs such as school program, aid in creating a different outcome for the client. When the client returns home the new system gets severed and the old system takes over again. Treatment programs and ancillary programs must be transferable or replicable in order to more successfully maintain client change. Ancillary programs such as online schooling is one such way to maintain the system change to the client’s home. Because of this, online schooling will fast become the methodology of top residential treatment facilities.”

Anthony A Hughes PH.D., MFT, CST